6 Promising Secrets That Makes Something Viral and Trending on Internet

viral and trending

Why does something go viral and trending on social media? Have you ever seen a video or image shared by everyone? Have you ever seen a post with tons of likes, comments, and shares!

Whenever we see that type of post, a common question comes to our mind, why does something go viral and trending on social media or the internet?

Why does something go viral and trending on social media or the internet?

After a lot of research, why do things go viral and trending! Social scientists came to some conclusions.

There are six components that make something viral and trending.

Each component of six principles either comes in part or fully in each and every viral and trending content.

These are the 6 principles that make something viral and trending.

Principle 1: Social Currency


Selfie with an iPhone

What is Social Currency?

Let us understand first.

What will be our hope whenever we discuss an item or thought?

Many people would prefer to be intelligent than stupid, rich than poor, and cool than quirky.

Much the same as the garments we wear and the vehicles we drive.

“We think about impacts how others see us”. It’s social money.


  • By making a TikTok video we try to be creative on the internet that’s why almost everybody using TikTok.

  • A photo of riding on Royal Enfield (Bullet Bike) makes people feel rich.
  • Selfie in front of a mirror with an iPhone same as Royal Enfield.

Principle 2: Triggers

The word “dog” reminds us of the word “cat”,

Prime minister reminds us of Narendra Modi, noodles remind us of Maggi.

In the same way, an Ambassador Car Reminds us of the Ministers.

These above examples are nothing but triggers.

Triggers have great potential to make things go viral and trending. If something has a great trigger then there is a huge chance of it going viral and trending.


  • JCB: In the recent period, a lot of people started posting images and videos of JCB ki Khudai. Why? Because somebody has posted it on the internet. Next time whenever somebody sees a JCB it triggers to make them shoot a photo and make a video.
  • Tea same as JCB

The central theme of the trigger is Top of mind leads to the share button at fingertips.

Principle 3: Emotion

Emotional things often get shared. Whenever our emotion is attached to any things, it increases sharing.

Sharing is caring, in this way also people share more and more content.


  • Photo of 10 years back with the caption “10-year challenge”.
  • “Lab pe Aati” poem in Pakistan sponsored by Coca Cola.
  • “Face App”.
10-Years Challenge


Sometimes even negative emotions also get shared like- Me too movement #metoo.

Principle 4: Public

There is a famous phrase “monkey see, monkey do”.
Most things are often shared because everybody is sharing this already.

If you can’t see a type of post people have shared or not, then it has fewer chances of getting shared.

But if someone has already shared any particular type of post then most chances are there that you will also share that particular type of post.


  • Coffee of Starbucks.

Principle 5: Practical Value

Contents that have practical values in real life also encourage people to share it with loved ones.

Everybody like to share something with somehow be helpful to others and make others life easier.


  • Art & Crafts posts.
  • Important notifications and news.

Principle 6: Stories

Everybody loves to listen and share stories.

If posts and videos have fascinating stories of something then it also increases the chances of sharing and going trending on social media or the internet.


  • Story of Bill gates and a newspaperman at the airport.
  • Amit Bhadan’s Videos.


The idea of the above principles is taken from the book Contagious: Why Things Catch On written by Jonah Berger. If you want to learn more about the psychology behind contagious, viral, and trending things read the mentioned book.