How to Set Goals and Achieve them


In this world, everybody desires success, fame, and power but few of them flourish themselves.

But why only a few?

Even some people couldn’t even complete their small tasks/goals. Isn’t it shocking, because I am Shocked!

Let me tell you. I have seen many people who do not complete their task, once what they seem so excited about…

If you are also experiencing the same problem between setting your goals and achieving them, then don’t worry before completing this article you will understand what are those obstacles which refrain you from setting your goals and to achieve them.

How to Set Goals and Achieve them

The very first step to achieving success is to set a goal. It is obvious that If you haven’t set a clear goal, then you will never achieve it.

Whether it comes to your small goals or a big one, you have to have a deep understanding of why you are doing this or working on your goals?

For Example;

  1. For family
  2. For money
  3. For fame
  4. Because you deserve it
  5. To gain power
  6. To prove someone
  7. For Mankind
  8. For fun
  9. For beauty
  10. You are doing it because you have no choice.

If you are doing something from the first seven points then your goal has some good purpose and you are more likely to achieve them.

If you are doing or working on something because you have no choice then you are in the Red Zone. I will suggest you keep yourself away from these types of goals and better to find some alternatives.

If you are doing it for fun & beauty then it is not a goal worth achieving.

I hope you understand what type of goal you should make to achieve them.

Now, it is time to start working on your goal.

Keep these two points in mind while start working on your goal.

1. Start Before You are Ready

Remember this thumb rule for the fast execution of your goal.

Never make a delay to start working on your goal, no matter what time it is whether it is a day or night.

Here It doesn’t mean to start working at night without getting asleep. What I mean here is that get your to-do list, and add them on your note-pad or your google calendar or whatever you find suitable. Above all make a mindset that you have started working on your goals.

2. Research Diet

Sometimes too much research becomes an obstacle to start working on your goal and to achieve them. It is better to limit yourself from doing too much research at the starting of your goal. Limit yourself to 3 books, 3 blogs, or 3 videos… and no more.

Congrats, you have started the first level of your journey. Now following tips will help you to stick with your goals.

  1. Stay stupid with your goal no matter what happens.
  2. Be stubborn.
  3. Have blind faith in yourself that you will achieve them.
  4. Be passionate.
  5. Take responsibility for your job and never blame others, no matter what circumstances come.
  6. Take expert advice whenever needed.
  7. Stay in touch with your friends and family & tell them about your goals.

This will help you to stick with your goal.

Now, you have reached a level where you need to do all your research.

At this level keep these points in mind.

  1. Act-reflect, act- reflect, act-reflect…. What does it mean? You need to take action and measurement of your output/results.
  2. If you are not working on your goal there can only be two reasons, either you are not capable or not motivated. If you are not capable then learn how to do it and seek experts & mentors’ advice if needed. If there is a lack of motivation then you need to find a purpose to do it, that’s why at the starting of this article I suggest you have deep insight & purpose for working on your goal.
  3. If you are not able to manage your time then use time blocking techniques. For this,  block a fixed time of your day which is needed for your goal, and work consistently and regularly on your goal in that particular time.
  4. Make a to-do-list of your daily work.
  5.  Regularly ask yourself what is the one thing by working on which you will be able to achieve your goals.
  6. Before taking any action ask yourself, is that action going to help me to achieve my goal?
  7. Welcome the hell & big problems and face them. Remember, the problem is a problem and the problem can be solved. Focus on the problem, if you will consistently focus on your problem you will surely get a solution.
  8. Check regularly and fill the gaps. Regularly ask yourself, what is missing?

To do list for your goals

At this stage, you have almost completed your work. But many times people give up just at the end of their project, i.e. at the time to deliver your work or give a final touch to your job.

It may be your exam you are preparing for, your mobile app, or web-application you are working on, your art/craft, your business plan to your investor, your first book.

Whatever it is, let the fear to hell, don’t think about what will happen to work/presentation/exam results. Just ship or deliver it always and wait for the fruit-full results.

If you have completed your goals successfully then Kudos to you!

If not, reconsider your goal and start working again on the available feedback.

Stay Curious & Hungry! Keep Learning!

If you have any questions or doubts, the comment section is waiting for you.

If you find it helpful share this with your family and friends.

-Afaque Ali