Why We Need to Invest?

Why We Need to Invest

Hello Everyone!


I have a really great, joyful, and satisfying one-on-one session with all you guys who take out-time and asked me about investing and all the concepts of money.

This Week (1st Feb – 8th Feb 2021) was memorable.

Before sharing my thoughts I want to share some of my past experiences.

I started my business 4 years back with nothing. I started with my school scholarship worth 10k. When I started I didn’t have Laptop, I used to go Ciber-Cafe to start my eCommerce business.

Alhamdulillah since then I have achieved some initial traction and build all the infrastructure required to scale my business to the next level.

But it takes a lot of capital to do all that business activities. Once you jump towards scaling you can’t stop and you need to maintain enough capital otherwise later it will become tough for survival.

There is no concept of investing in our society. It’s really shameful, nobody wants to invest instead they lend money.

I approached the bank with the help of the Start-up India government initiative to invest in my start-up but they help me to make documents to borrow from the bank without any interest and some subsidies.

But it was just formalities I struggled for more than 5 months to get the loan approved. Finally, Banks denied without any proper reason, despite I have a CIBIL Score of 800 and millions in revenue.

Then I started to collect all my money and decided to invest in Stock Market. I really love the concept of investing and the stock market. It’s not new in my life. I’m reading and making the serious investment for more than 2 years.

Stock Market supports Capitalism and at the same time give equal opportunity to common people to invest and enjoy the benefits of capitalism proportional to their capital.

The banking system not only hurts businesses in the short-term it also helps greedy people to borrow money at a cheap rate and accumulate money in the wrong way.

Examples: Gautam Adani, who used to borrow 100 Rupees having 1 Rupee in the capital.

Instead, if he will offer ownership, the people will get that share, not Adani.

These are basic concepts we need to understand.

Working Hard can’t solve our financial problems.

I’m promoting investing because it helps Entrepreneurs like us to build great products & services and at the same time create employment.

Allah S.W.T. do “Lanat” who accumulate wealth and leave it idle.

Entrepreneur deserves Capital, and they don’t do all that for themselves they do for society.

Most people think Entrepreneurs are free out of time and limitations. The reality is totally different, Entrepreneurs work every time when they are not sleeping, They don’t work physically but mentally.

Concepts of investing help us to help Entrepreneur who deserves Capital.

Nowadays I can see many people around us even my own town Mubarakpur, jumping into the stock market. They are doing nothing but gambling. Trading in the stock market is nothing but gambling. And It’s morally wrong to trade in stocks/forex/future & options.

All these instruments are used to make greedy people fool. It’s nothing but misleading.

Instead, if we invest in Entrepreneurs and business. It will be a win-win situation for all people.

I don’t want capital for my startup but I want everyone to invest in businesses either their own or others.

It is my mission. I have added some books to learn all these concepts. If you will read all that I will share more.

Books can teach us everything, it doesn’t matter what we want to learn. There is a book available on each and every topic which comes to your mind. if you can’t give your reading enough time, then read at least 30 minutes a day.

Some people think that I’m influencing people to become materialistic, but it is not about being materialistic. It is all about how the financial system and money works.

I have a really great and satisfying session with all of you guys.

But meanwhile, I have lost my productivity up to 90%.

So the time has come to be calm and become productive once again. I have to make a long journey.

If I’ll give time to each people, it will be very harmful for me to achieve my long-term goals.

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